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24 Hour Emergency Service

Middle Tennessee Water Damage Restoration

Facing water damage or leaks? For exceptional water damage restoration services in Nashville, TN, and the surrounding areas, rely on Four Corners Restoration. Our local experts employ skilled, handpicked crews for effective repairs and restoration. Call us at (615) 856-1157 to address your water damage concerns with confidence.

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Nashville, TN (615) 856-1157

Our Water Damage Restoration Services Are Extensive

In Central Tennessee, addressing water damage promptly is crucial to prevent further complications. At Four Corners Restoration, we prioritize finding and stopping the source of leaks as the first step in our water damage restoration process. Our skilled teams ensure rapid water mitigation and employ advanced drying techniques.

Why Choose Four Corners Restoration for Water Damage Restoration?

  1. Proven Expertise:

    • With years of experience in residential and commercial water damage restoration, our team is equipped to handle every step of the cleanup and restoration process.

  2. Comprehensive Care:

    • We take great care to protect clients and their property, striving to save existing structures and implementing thorough sanitization to eliminate the risk of bacterial or mold growth.

  3. Stress-Free Process:

    • Dealing with storm or water damage can be stressful. Our experienced team guides you through the restoration journey, providing updates on progress and ensuring minimal disruption.

  4. Local Connection:

    • As a locally owned business in Franklin, TN, we build genuine connections with our community by delivering quality service, earning positive referrals, and offering fair, transparent pricing.

  5. Insurance Assistance:

    • We collaborate with insurance companies to alleviate the financial burden on our clients and streamline the restoration process.

  6. Urgent Repair Services:

    • Understanding the urgency of water damage situations, we offer prompt repair services to ensure clients can return to their homes quickly.

Get Started Today with Four Corners Restoration:

Don't delay water damage repairs in Middle Tennessee. Waiting can lead to mold growth and structural issues. Our expert contractors at Four Corners Restoration are ready to assist residents of Tennessee with efficient and reliable water damage restoration. We simplify the process of restoring your home's safety and structural integrity for comfort and safety. Contact us today and receive immediate attention from the most trusted restoration company in the area.




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We woke up to pouring water from our second floor into our master bedroom. Our water heater on the second floor died! Found this company online and spoke to Jay and the gentlemen were here within an hour to assess the damage. Excellent experience with their crew! They spent the weekend assessing damage and kicked into action with treating all areas. They were here three days in a row to reassess and monitor each area. Both were extremely punctual (had to wait for me once). Incredibly respectful and professional. They educated us step by step on the process. They were very gentle and respectful w/ our home. Very prompt, responsive service so far. Thanks Jay!

- Heather Lidsay


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At Four Corners Restoration, we are dedicated to supporting our community during times of crisis. Our goal is to assist you in preserving and restoring your home or business quickly and efficiently.

In the unpredictable climate of Tennessee, tornados, destructive storms, and heavy rainfall are common occurrences. Managing sudden disasters like flooding or severe water damage can be challenging. Trust Four Corners Restoration's effective techniques to prevent future water damage, ensuring the safety of your home and business.

It's essential to recognize that water damage isn't limited to rainstorms. A burst water pipe can be equally damaging if not detected early. Four Corners addresses the aftermath of busted pipes caused by years of wear and tear. Count on us to mitigate them promptly, effectively, and safeguard your property from potential harm.

Residential Water Damage Restoration
Commercial Water Damage Restoration

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Unlock swift and efficient water damage restoration in the Nashville, Tennessee, area with Four Corners Restoration. Our expert team employs a scientific approach to water removal and cleanup, emphasizing meticulous monitoring and documentation throughout the drying process.

The water damage restoration process with Four Corners Restoration includes:

  1. Emergency Contact:

    • Our specialists guide you through crucial questions to understand your unique water emergency. We prioritize a fast response and aim to schedule an inspection promptly.

  2. Inspection and Water Damage Assessment:

    • Our professionals assess the severity of water damage, identify hazards, and determine what can be restored. We create a tailored restoration plan, addressing the source of the damage.

  3. Water Removal:

    • Rapid water extraction using powerful pumps and extraction units prevents further spread in the structure and reduces drying time.

  4. Damaged Material Removal:

    • Unrestorable materials are promptly removed to expedite the drying of salvageable items.

  5. Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Deodorization:

    • Our specialists use specially formulated products, industry-leading equipment, and proven techniques to address cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorization needs.

  6. Drying:

    • Industry-leading drying equipment targets unseen water within materials, restoring them to their normal moisture level. Equipment placement is tailored to your unique situation and industry standards.

  7. Monitoring:

    • Daily property visits during the drying process ensure materials are drying effectively. Specialists check equipment performance and make adjustments as needed.

  8. Repairs and Construction:

    • Following these steps, your property may require construction work. We handle both initial damage mitigation and rebuilding, simplifying the restoration process, saving time, and keeping costs low.

Choose Four Corners Restoration for unparalleled water damage restoration expertise in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. Contact us for a swift and comprehensive restoration plan tailored to your unique situation.

24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Nashville, TN (615) 856-1157

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Managing water damage in your home or business can be challenging and costly. While some homeowners attempt DIY restoration, errors in the process can result in future complications. Thankfully, residents in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas can rely on Four Corners Restoration for a seamless and cost-effective approach to water damage restoration projects.

Discover more about our team or schedule a service call by contacting us at (615) 856-1157.

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