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Middle Tennessee Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Experience the stress-free aftermath of a house fire with Four Corners Restoration's expert fire damage restoration services in Central Tennessee. We've successfully restored countless homes affected by fire and smoke damage for years. Contact us at (615) 856-1157 to confidently address your smoke and fire damage concerns.

24 Hour Emergency Fire Damage Restoration in Nashville, TN (615) 856-1157

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services Are Extensive

A fire in your home can be emotionally devastating, causing catastrophic damage that takes months to years to rebuild. Personal belongings are often destroyed, and lingering smoke damage can have lasting effects. Four Corners Restoration specializes in restoring fire-damaged properties in Nashville, Franklin, Hendersonville, and surrounding areas of Tennessee. We serve as your full-service turnkey solution for fire and smoke damage restoration projects.

Handling a fire damage restoration project is a complex task that requires the expertise of certified professional restoration contractors. Four Corners Restoration is proud to be an IICRC-certified firm, ensuring a high standard of restoration services. Repairing a home after a fire involves numerous intricate aspects that can pose challenges for general contractors without specific experience in fire damage restoration.

Immediate Steps After a Fire in Middle Tennessee

Once your property is deemed safe by the fire department, contacting your insurance company is crucial. Most insurance policies cover fire damage, aiding in property damage expenses. Simultaneously, contact us at Four Corners Restoration to facilitate on-site estimates with your insurance reviewer.

Fire Damage Cleanup Process

Initiate the fire damage restoration process 24 hours post-fire for safer breathing conditions as smoke and soot settle. Our dedicated fire damage restoration team follows a systematic approach:

  1. Boarding and Tarping: Establish roof tarps and board up windows to prevent further damage and enhance safety in the space.

  2. Packing and Storage: We carefully pack and store your belongings to preserve them, documenting each item for a secure return.

  3. Cleanup: Our IICRC-certified technicians handle essential fire damage cleanup services, including 24/7 property security, water and soot removal, structural demolition, thorough property cleaning, and odor removal.

  4. Structural Restoration: After eliminating fire-damaged materials and smoke odors, our team focuses on restoring your property. We replace damaged parts and ensure the remaining structures adequately support the property.




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FCR just completed a major project on my house, fully restoring the kitchen after fire damage. I must say that it has been a pleasant experience in every way. Jay was the project manager assigned to this, and he is a top-notch expert in his field and highly professional. The level of detail of his planning, and the excellent quality of his execution are to be highly commended. Each step of the way, he stayed in close contact. He made it very convenient for me to make critical decisions, having all the required information and clearly understanding the alternatives. He kindly suggested several small details to me, which I agreed to, and then watched as he put together a true masterpiece when restoring my kitchen to a condition that was far better than before the incident.

- Taylor Hendrix


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Facing fire and smoke damage? Don't tackle it alone! Dial (615) 856-1157 for professional fire damage restoration, ensuring property recovery and future fire prevention.

When a fire occurs, your focus should be on overall recovery, not just property repairs. In the Middle Tennessee area, Four Corners Restoration assists families and businesses in navigating post-fire recovery while handling seamless building restoration.

Our IICRC-certified technicians are available 24/7 for both residential and commercial fire damage restoration. Regardless of the fire's size, we thoroughly assess the property and restore it to pre-loss conditions to the best of our ability.

Residential Fire Restoration Services
Fire Restoration Nashville Tennessee

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Dealing with fire damage in your home requires the expertise of a professional to ensure proper restoration and avoid additional headaches. Handyman or general contractors may lack the specific experience needed for various circumstances, such as effectively removing smoke odor from walls, studs, carpet, furniture, and even unexpected places like wall outlet sockets. An experienced fire restoration professional is familiar with these challenges and knows how to remediate them thoroughly.

Securing Your Fire-Damaged Property with Expert Guidance

  1. Site Security:

    • Protect the fire site from further damage by weather, theft, or vandalism. Don't leave the site unsecured. Local restoration companies can assist by boarding up windows and securing the roof.

  2. Contact Your Insurance Agent:

    • Initiate the claim process and address immediate needs. 'Loss of use' funds from your insurance policy can cover living and daily expenses.

  3. Safety First:

    • Stay out of the fire-damaged home until local fire authorities declare it safe to re-enter.

  4. Emergency Assistance:

    • For emergency housing, food, clothing, basic furniture, and counseling, reach out to organizations like the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or your church.

  5. Protecting Possessions:

    • If electricity is off, empty refrigerators and freezers. Keep an inventory with receipts for items in your home to facilitate reimbursement from your insurance company.

  6. Returning Home:

    • Rebuilding your home after a fire requires the expertise of a local professional fire restoration company experienced in house fires and insurance processes.

  7. Navigating the Rebuilding Process:

    • Keep a detailed record of all expenses for insurance reporting. Swift and thorough decision-making on material selections accelerates the restoration project. While some decisions may be challenging, especially early on, providing material selections promptly ensures a faster completion of the fire damage restoration project by the restoration company."

Fire Damage and Its Impact on Property: Understanding the Extent

Fire damage is often irreversible, affecting various items on your property:

  1. Furniture

  2. Clothing & Other Contents

  3. Drywall, Studs, and Wood

  4. Roofing

  5. Appliances

  6. Flooring & Tile

  7. Windows & Glass

When a fire is intense enough to come into contact with these items, they are likely damaged beyond repair or reduced to ashes. The heat can burn, melt, and cause structural/molecular breakdown, even if the items don't show immediate damage. Smoke damage can further compromise the integrity of items, making it crucial to assess and address potential hidden damage caused by the heat of a fire.

Choose Four Corners Restoration for unparalleled Fire and smoke damage restoration expertise in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. Contact us for a swift and comprehensive restoration plan tailored to your unique situation.

24 Hour Emergency Fire Damage Restoration in Nashville, TN (615) 856-1157

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Choose Four Corners Restoration for Certified Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Nashville, TN. Our IICRC certification ensures top-notch care and safety for residents. Working seamlessly with all insurance companies, we uphold the highest restoration standards. For 24-hour assistance, call us at (615) 865-1157.

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