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Middle Tennessee Emergency Roof Repair

Rely on Four Corners Roofing to safeguard your family and belongings with our emergency roofing services. Whether it's a fallen tree in the night or storm winds causing damage, our team offers prompt and effective emergency roof repairs to keep your roof secure and your family safe. Contact us at (615) 856-1157 for all your roofing needs.

24 Hour Emergency Residential Roof Repair in Nashville, TN (615) 856-1157

Our Residential Roofing Services Are Extensive

Protect Your Home or Business with Four Corners Roofing's 24/7 Emergency Repair Service. Harsh weather, including hail, high winds, ice storms, and heavy rain, can damage your roof, leaving your home or business vulnerable. Our emergency repair team is ready to intervene promptly, providing quick inspections even after the worst storms. Trust us to safeguard your home, whether it's a new build or over a century old.

In Central Tennessee. Harsh storms with wind, rain, and hail can inflict serious damage, often unseen from the surface. Hail can harm tiles, vents, and shingles, causing leaks and other issues. If your property has weathered a recent hailstorm, contact us for a free damage inspection to address potential roof issues promptly.

Emergency Roof Repair: Navigating Harsh Weather Safely

When faced with severe weather, prioritize your safety and wait until the storm passes before inspecting roof damage. While waiting, take steps to protect your interior, blocking leaks and covering shattered windows with tarps or rubber sheets.

Inspecting Your Roof Post-Storm

Once the storm clears, assess your roof for missing shingles, standing water, loose materials, and other visible damage. Conduct your inspection from a safe vantage point using a ladder or binoculars to avoid walking on the roof.

Safely Accessing Your Roof

If roof access is necessary, prioritize safety. Ensure your ladder is on solid ground, wear appropriate footwear, and use a safety harness. Plan your route on the roof to minimize walking distance.

Call Four Corners Roofing for Emergency Repairs

Based in Central Tennessee, Four Corners Roofing understands the impact of severe weather on homes. Our emergency roof services include inspections, repairs, and installations of asphalt shingles and metal roofing. With a reputation built on quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and competitive rates, we're here to assist. For questions or a free estimate, call (615) 856-1157 or submit your information online using the quote request form




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Jay at Four Corners Roofing was instrumental in convincing our Homeowners Insurance Company to fully replace our hail-damaged roof. The roofing crew was experienced, thorough, and timely. They not only replaced the roof and trim, pipe and vent flashings, and snow break, and added a solar-powered roof vent, but also replaced and installed fascia board where needed. Couldn't be happier with the roof and their work.

- Matt Carmello


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Count on our expertise in identifying and fixing wind-damaged roofs in Tennessee. Severe storms with high winds can swiftly harm your roof, with damages not always apparent to the untrained eye. Our skilled roofing experts can assess and address even minor damages, preventing potential major issues down the line. Trust our experienced team of roof contractors to inspect your roof after storms and determine the necessary repairs.

Your roof is a crucial shield against the elements, safeguarding your home or business. Detecting a puddle of water may indicate a leak, but more common signs include water stains on drywall, mildew on the ceiling, or water inside a fluorescent light fixture. Trust our team to address any roofing issues and keep your property protected.

Nashville Tennessee Emergency Roof Repairs
Tornadoes Roof Repair in Tennessee

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A leaky roof poses a threat not only to your home's furnishings, including carpeting and furniture, but also to critical structural elements like the roof deck, wall supports, and subfloor. Leaks can stem from various causes, and swift action is crucial regardless of the reason behind the roof leak. Therefore, any condition permitting or having the potential to allow water penetration beneath your shingles should be treated as an urgent matter. Trust Four Corners Roofing in Central Tennessee to address and resolve roofing emergencies promptly.

Central Tennessee - Inclement weather is the most common cause of roof damage and the need for emergency roof repair.


High winds can strip shingles from the roof, leaving behind damaged underlayment that will do little to protect the deck or prevent leaks. Pounding hail can remove the granules that are the shingles’ primary defense against water, and large hail stones can crack some types of asphalt shingles under certain conditions.


However, roofing emergencies, and emergency roof repair, are not always the result of a fast, violent storm. Sometimes, long, slow processes can damage a roof. For example, tree limbs that are allowed to scrape against asphalt shingles for an extended period can remove granules, or gutters that become clogged with leaves can overflow and deposit moisture-trapping piles of debris on the roof. In addition, a roof often deteriorates at a faster rate as it nears the end of its expected life, so a 20-year roof, for example, may show little sign of wear for its first 15 or 18 years. This can lead to a false sense of security regarding how much longer the roof will last.


It can be difficult for a non-professional to determine the precise location of a leak. Often, the interior evidence of a leak does not correspond to the exterior source; water can follow a convoluted path between the two points. If your roof is leaking, you should immediately call a reputable roofing contractor for emergency roof repair to make an inspection and repair your roof before more damage is done.


Four Corners Roofing is a well-respected roofing contractor providing residential and commercial services to customers throughout Central Tennessee. Our professional crews have the training and experience to handle all emergency roof repairs to new installations. You can use our online form to request a free quote or don't hesitate to reach out to Four Corners Roofing & Restoration at (615) 856-1157 to discuss your emergency roofing project. Experience the difference with our reliable, local, and comprehensive residential roofing services in Nashville, TN.

24 Hour Emergency Commercial Roof Repair in Nashville, TN (615) 856-1157

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Experience dependable and high-quality emergency roof repairs with Four Corners Roofing. Our skilled roofing contractors are well-equipped to address any emergency repair needs your home may have, from leaks to wind damage or structural issues. Count on us as your first call for prompt and reliable repairs. Our responsive team is dedicated to assisting you during emergencies and is also available for preventative inspections to ensure your roof remains in top condition, safeguarding your home and family.

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